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Ban Hammer Lifted

As stated in the notice the ban list has been cleared by robbert. If there is anyone you think should still be on there make sure you contact Brigadier Robbert Kamachi as soon as you can.


Derek and Walter are banned untill further notice due to actions today in battle. It must be emphasised that BSM are not banned just the above offenders. BSM are still free to attack and stay here to attack as long as they follow the rules.

SH are also now banned at BSM as a whole. We may no longer attack there under any circumstances. Do not go there to attack at all no matter what.

Temporary Teleport Update

Posted: October 4, 2010 by Silver Hawk Army in Silver Hawk Army News, Sim/Land News, Staff News

Today Zouwer Hydraconis has started a trial run by removing the tower teleports. There are now only 3 left to which we can teleport too {See Fixed Image}. This is a test to see how it works and if it is more effective or not.

All the best guys,

Warrant Officer Audeburgh